Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments

Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments

Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments

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Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments

Brighton Solutions, Inc. is a leader in providing Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments for commercial, industrial, and multi-family residential properties throughout North Texas. Our Environmental Inspectors provide comprehensive environmental assessment services to property owners, prospective property buyers, lending institutions, government agencies, and real estate brokers.

What is a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment?

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments are performed to evaluate any environmental issues that may be present. Brighton Solutions, Inc. performs Phase I and II Environmental Site Inspections according to the latest American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards. Our property assessment services include researching all local, state and federal records about the land and buildings, physically inspecting the site, and conducting interviews with owners, occupants, neighbors and government officials.

Why Get A Phase I Assessment?

The purpose of this investigation is to determine whether or not the property’s soil, groundwater or surface water has been contaminated by hazardous materials. In instances where records review and interviews indicate that the contamination may be coming from neighboring properties, we will also perform an inspection of the additional properties in question.

Phase I Assessment Reporting

Upon the completion of our environmental assessment of the property, we will prepare a report detailing our findings. Our reporting practices meet or exceed ASTM 1527-13 standards and All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) rules. Without strict compliance to these standards by a properly certified professional environmental investigators, like Brighton Solutions, Inc, your inspection may be rejected. This can add extra time to the property buying or development process. In cases where contamination is suspected, we will outline a plan for Phase II Environmental subsurface investigation. Our property condition reports give property owners, investors, and lenders the critical information they need about the state of the property.

Who Needs A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment?

When a commercial, industrial or multi-unit residential property is offered for sale or a property loan is refinanced, a Phase I ESA (Environmental Site Assessment) may be required for many reasons. Just some of the entities that may desire a Phase 1 Assessment include:

  • The Bank / Lender Of A Property Transaction
  • Property Sellers
  • Site Development Builders
  • City Planning Associations

During the sale or purchase of a property, any involved lender may decide to require a Phase I Assessment to rule out the presence of any Recognized Environmental Concerns (REC). This protects lenders from acquiring remediation costs if a buyer walks away from the property. This also protects the buyer and gives them access to state and federal funding to cover the cost if cleanup is necessary later. Property sellers routinely include a Phase I as a part of due diligence. This allows time for cleanup and repair and the ability to provide buyers with clear documentation of clean property. Before a property development can begin, builder or site planners will also often order this type of assessment.


What is a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment?

When Phase I Site Assessments indicate a potential hazardous material contamination, testing is necessary. Brighton Solutions, Inc’s Phase II Environmental Site Assessments include sampling, lab analysis, and the preparation of a detailed findings report with remediation recommendations. Our hazardous materials testing may include asbestos testing, lead testing, and sampling for oils and petroleum. Depending on the findings in the Phase I Site Assessment, our team of experienced and highly trained industrial hygienists may take a combination of surface and subsurface samples of soil, surface water, and groundwater. We may sample dry wells, floor drains and catch basins. BSI’s team will perform geophysical testing for underground storage tanks or drums that may have been buried on the property. We will also take samples from any drums stored anywhere on the property.

Thorough Testing, Accredited Analysis

Brighton Solutions, Inc. sends our samples to accredited laboratories for analysis, and upon receiving the test results, we write a comprehensive report explaining our findings. If the property is found to be contaminated we will provide our recommendations for remedial action, hazardous waste removal, and demolition, when necessary. Our report and remediation plan will give you all the information you need to make sound decisions regarding the property.

Why Choose Brighton Solutions, Inc?

At Brighton Solutions, Inc. our goal is to assist our clients in the most cost effective manner possible. BSI is always looking for the most advanced and cost effective technology on the market to help benefit our clients. We strive to use innovation and technology to quickly and efficiently aid our clients with whatever their needs may be at the time.

With over 25 years of experience, Brighton Solutions, Inc has provided environmental inspections, consulting, and training to governmental agencies, commercial property owners, property managers, investors, financial institutions, and health care facilities throughout the Dallas / Fort Worth and surrounding areas. We have earned a reputation as the North Texas’ trusted source for environmental health and safety solutions. Our testing, reporting, and project management services meet or exceed state and federal requirements. Our comprehensive environmental surveys accurately evaluate the actual and potential presence of hazardous materials on a property, allowing us to give our clients sound recommendations.

Personalized Attention Tailored To Your Needs

With a diverse portfolio of projects ranging from privately-owned commercial properties in the San Jose area to large multi-site government holdings, we have the knowledge and extensive field experience needed to be able to provide Phase I and II Environmental Site Inspection services that are tailored to meet each of our client’s needs. We understand the need to complete property assessments quickly and thoroughly, and as such we provide our customers with quick turnaround times and comprehensive testing and reporting, at an affordable cost.

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